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JRuby template for OpenShift
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OpenShift template for JRuby applications

Template for running JRuby application on OpenShift without an application server.


Work in progress, please report issues.


Create OpenShift application

rhc app create -a $name -t diy-0.1

and enter the directory

cd $name

Add this repository as new remote

git remote add template -m master git://

and pull locally

git pull -s recursive -X theirs template master

configure your application

cp .openshift/config.example .openshift/config
$EDITOR .openshift/config

and deploy to OpenShift

git push origin master

Now, your application is available at


What it does?

  • Installs JDK7 if wanted
  • Installs JRuby if needed
  • Bundles gems if needed
  • Starts application process
    • for rackup web applications
    • config.rb for non-rackup applications


Configuration parameters are stored in .openshift/config

VERSION="1.6.7" # JRuby version to use
RACK_ENV="production" # Environment used for application
USE_ORACLE_JDK="I agree with Oracle's license terms" # Use Oracle's JDK to support Java7


This template allows downloading Oracle's JDK, by using USE_ORACLE_JDK configuration directive you agree with Oracle's license agreement


  • Bundler
  • Mizuno
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