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Implementation of Facebook's DataLoader in Golang
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This is an implementation of Facebook's DataLoader in Golang.


go get -u


// setup batch function
batchFn := func(ctx context.Context, keys dataloader.Keys) []*dataloader.Result {
  var results []*dataloader.Result
  // do some async work to get data for specified keys
  // append to this list resolved values
  return results

// create Loader with an in-memory cache
loader := dataloader.NewBatchedLoader(batchFn)

 * Use loader
 * A thunk is a function returned from a function that is a
 * closure over a value (in this case an interface value and error).
 * When called, it will block until the value is resolved.
thunk := loader.Load(context.TODO(), dataloader.StringKey("key1")) // StringKey is a convenience method that make wraps string to implement `Key` interface
result, err := thunk()
if err != nil {
  // handle data error

log.Printf("value: %#v", result)

Don't need/want to use context?

You're welcome to install the v1 version of this library.


This implementation contains a very basic cache that is intended only to be used for short lived DataLoaders (i.e. DataLoaders that ony exsist for the life of an http request). You may use your own implementation if you want.

it also has a NoCache type that implements the cache interface but all methods are noop. If you do not wish to cache anything.


There are a few basic examples in the example folder.

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