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A GraphQL SDL lexer, parser, and validator that can read GraphQL grammar and produce executable JVM runtime objects.


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A GraphQL SDL lexer, parser, and validator that generates a traversable Abstract Syntax Tree from your GraphQL schema. GraphQL-Xtext will generate pure Java Objects that can be used at runtime.

The EMF objects can be used to implement Apollo Federation Spec and build a purely java based service that is truly open source.

Installing the Software

This project uses java 8 and maven 3.3+.

  1. Download and install Eclipse 2019.

  2. Install Xtext SDK in Eclipse:
    a. In Eclipse, click Help --> Install New Software

    b. In Available Software, click Add to add a repository with location:

    Add Repository
    c. Select and install Xtext Complete SDK (2.19.0)

  3. Restart Eclipse.

Setting up the Project

  1. Clone graphql-xtext
  2. Import the cloned project in Eclipse, click File --> Import Project --> Maven --> Existing Maven Project
  3. Under the directory, right click on GenerateGraphQL.mwe2 --> Run As --> 1 MWE2 Workflow

Testing the grammar in an IDE

Right-click on the directory and Run As Eclipse Application

Building the project

mvn clean install

Language Server Support

Graphql-Xtext builds a Language Server executable under, named This can be used to build generic application and cloud-based IDEs for the grammar.

theia-xtext is an example of a cloud-based IDE that uses the xtext language server jar.


Apache 2.0


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