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Welcome to the GraphBIG wiki!

GraphBIG is a graph benchmarking effort initiated by IBM System G and Georgia Tech HPArch. It covers the broad spectrum of graph computing by fulfilling multiple major requirements, including framework, representativeness, coverage, and graph data support.

GraphBIG contains the following main features

  • Framework: based on the property graph framwork from real-world graph computing practices
  • Representativeness: workloads are selected from real-world use cases
  • Coverage: covers all graph computation types, much more than just graph traversal
  • GPU: provides GPU workloads under the unified framework
  • Dataset: provides both real-world and synthetic datasets
  • C++ code base: pure C++ code requiring only C++0x. can be supported by most gcc versions
  • Standalone package: can be compiled without external libraries
  • Perf tools: provides tools to profile the code section of interest with hardware performance counters (libpfm code is integrated)

Version: 2.0

Download: git clone GraphBIG

The detailed dataset list and download links can be found at GraphBIG Dataset.

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