Generate a graph on Graph Commons from Instagram activity
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This program generates a network map on Graph Commons based on your recent Instagram photos and their likes and comments. It aggregates people, photos, likes, comments from my last 200 posts and turns actions into connections, demonstrating how to use Graph Commons API to generate graphs programmatically.


  • init_access.rb is a Sinatra server to obtain your Instagram access token.
  • app.rb is the actual program that queries Instagram and creates a graph on Graph Commons.

Obtain Access Tokens

In order to use this program, you will need two access tokens:

  1. Create an Instagram Application and obtain its access token:

  2. Get your API key for Graph Commons from your profile:


  • git clone
  • cd gc-instagram
  • bundle install (Make sure you have bundler installed)


1.Run init_access.rb with ENV variables for Instagram Client ID and Client Secret

IG_CLIENT_ID=<ig_client_id> IG_CLIENT_SECRET=<ig_client_secret> ruby init_access.rb

2.Open browser localhost:4567 and click on the link to retrieve your Instagram access token

3.Run app.rb with four ENV variables:

  • Instagram Client Id
  • Instagram Client Secret
  • Instagram Access Token
  • Graph Commons API key
IG_CLIENT_ID=<ig_client_id> IG_CLIENT_SECRET=<ig_client_secret> IG_ACCESS_TOKEN=<ig_access_token> GC_API_KEY=<gc_api_key> ruby app.rb

4.If all works well, you should see the URL of the generated graph, open it in the browser and enjoy your Instagram graph.

Sample Output

Here's the graph generated with this program:

Where to go from here

Learn more about the Graph Commons API documentation