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doc README update Jan 10, 2016
graphcommons.gemspec version 0.0.5 Jan 10, 2016


version: 0.0.5 docs: example: metagraph license: GPLv3

Ruby wrapper for Graphcommons API:

Graph Commons provides a simple REST API to programmatically make network maps (graphs) and integrate graphs into your applications. You can use our API to access Graph Commons API endpoints, which can get information on various graphs, nodes, and edges on the platform.

To get started, sign up to Graph Commons and get your developer key, which will be used for authentication in your API calls.


$ gem install graphcommons


First, add your key as an environment variable:


Then require the gem and you're good to go.


:001 > require 'graphcommons'
=> true 

:002 > Graphcommons::Endpoint.status
=> {"msg"=>"Working"} 

Alternatively, you can use the Graphcommons::API.set_key method. Please refer to the docs for more information.