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Boundary Apache HTTP Server Plugin

Collects metrics from a Apache HTTP server instance. See video walkthrough.


OS Linux Windows SmartOS OS X
Supported v v v v

Boundary Meter Versions V4.0 Or Greater

Boundary Meter Versions Less Than V4.0

Runtime node.js Python Java
Required +

Plugin Setup

  • The Boundary Apache HTTP Server plugin depends on the server-stats module for collecting metrics. The sections below provide the procedures to enable and configure the server-stats module.

Enable the server-status Module

  1. Modify the Apache HTTP Server httpd.conf by adding the following:
    <Location /server-status>
       SetHandler server-status

Secure the EndPoint with a User Name and Password

  1. Create as password file to secure the endpoint. The example shown here is using the path /etc/httpd/my_password_file.
    $ sudo htpasswd -c /etc/httpd/my_password_file
  2. Enable authentication by modifying the <Location/> added previously as shown here :
    <Location /server-status>
       SetHandler server-status
       AuthType basic
       AuthName "Apache status"
       AuthUserFile /etc/httpd/my_password_file
       Require valid-user
  3. Restart Apache HTTP server reload the httpd.conf configuration.
  4. Verify that statistics are being collected by visiting
  5. To also capture the 'requests per second' metric, add ExtendedStatus On outside of your <Location /> block:
    <Location /server-status>
       SetHandler server-status
       AuthType basic
       AuthName "Apache status"
       AuthUserFile /etc/httpd/my_password_file
       Require valid-user
    ExtendedStatus On

Plugin Configuration Fields

Field Name Description
Server-Status URL The URL endpoint of where the Apache HTPP server statistics are hosted.
Username If the URL is password protected, what username should the plugin use to authenticate
Password If the URL is password protected, what password should the plugin use to authenticate
Poll Interval How often (in milliseconds) to poll for metrics (default: 1000).
Source Name identifying the specific instance of Apache HTTP server which is displayed in dashboards

Metrics Collected

Tracks the following metrics for apache

Metric Name Description
Apache Requests The number of Apache Accesses
Apache Total Bytes bytes transferred
Apache Bytes per Request average bytes per request
Apache CPU
Apache Busy Workers the number of busy workers
Apache Idle Workers the number of idle workers
Apache busy to idle ratio The ratio of busy workers / (busy + idle workers)


Apache Server