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Boundary Forking Rate Plugin

Tracks the fork rate on your server by polling /proc/stat. On a busy production box you can expect a rate of somewhere between 1-10/sec, if there is a rate approaching 100/sec then your server is experiencing issues.


OS Linux Windows SmartOS OS X
Supported v

Boundary Meter Versions V4.0 Or Greater

(to get the new meter - curl -fsS -d '{"token":"api."}' -H 'Content-Type: application/json' > && chmod +x && ./

Runtime node.js Python Java

Boundary Meter Versions Less Than V4.0

Runtime node.js Python Java
Required v
  • OS: Tested to work on Debian-based Linux distributions (although any Linux OS should work)
  • How to install node.js?
  • Requires access to /proc/stat

Plugin Setup

All Versions

  1. Verify that you are able to get output by running the following:
    $ cat /proc/stat
  2. If there is no output, then this plugin will not work.

Plugin Configuration Fields

All Versions

Field Name Description
Poll Seconds How often should the plugin poll /proc/stat

Metrics Collected

All Versions

Metric Name Description
Fork Rate / sec the rate at which processes are growing


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