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Boundary MongoDB Plugin

Collects metrics from a MongoDB server instance. MongoDB statistics are pulled via a REST API call. See video walkthrough.


OS Linux Windows SmartOS OS X
Supported v v v v
Runtime node.js Python Java
Required +

Plugin Setup

The statistics are pulled from http://hostname:(port+1000)/_status. If you did not change the MongoDB default port, we will use 28107.

  1. Verify that you have access to the MongoDB statics by using curl by running the following command:

    $ curl http://localhost:28017/_status
  2. If you cannot view the page, you may need to enable the Mongo REST interface

  3. If after enabling the Mongo REST interface, you are still unable to collect information from the REST interface and if you are polling remotely, ensure that the port that is serving the Mongo REST interfaces is open. You can bypasss any firewall restrictions by running locally where the MongoDB is running.

Plugin Configuration Fields

Field Name Description
Hostname The hostname of MongoDB
Port Port to use when accessing MongoDB
Username (optional) Username to access MongoDB
Password (optional) Pasword to access MongoDB
Source (optional) The Source to display in the legend for the MongoDB data. It will default to the hostname of the server

Metrics Collected

Tracks the following metrics for MongoDB

Metric Name Description
Mongo hits the number of times an accessed index was return from memory
Mongo misses the number of times an accessed index was not in memory
Mongo miss ratio Ratio of hits to misses [ hits / (hits+misses) ]
Mongo connections The number of open connections
Mongo avail conns The number of available connections
Mongo conn limit The ratio of used connections [used / (used+avail)]
Mongo global lock ratio Percentage of time spent in the global lock
Mongo resident memory The amount of RAM being used by Mongo
Mongo virtual memory The amount of virtual memory used by Mongo
Mongo mapped memory Mongo uses memory-mapped files, this will be about the size of the DB
Mongo inserts The number of mongo insert operations
Mongo queries The number of mongo query operations
Mongo updates The number of mongo update operations
Mongo deletes The number of mongo delete operations
Mongo getmore The number of mongo getmore operations
Mongo commands The number of mongo commands issued