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Boundary Ping Check Plugin

Pings a set of hosts and reports on the response time. The plugin allows multiple hosts to be ping'd and each of those hosts to set their own Poll interval. See video walkthrough. Note: Currently does not support SmartOS.


Supported OS

OS Linux Windows SmartOS OS X
Supported v v - v

Boundary Meter Versions V4.0 Or Later

Boundary Meter Versions Less Than V4.0

Runtime node.js Python Java
Required +

Plugin Setup


Plugin Configuration Fields

Field Name Description
Source The source to display in the legend for the host. Ex. google
Host The Hostname or IP Address to ping. For example, or
Poll Time (sec) The Poll Interval to send a ping to the host in seconds. Ex. 5

Metrics Collected

Metric Name Description
Ping Response Time The response time from the ping command
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