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Boundary Process CPU Plugin

Displays CPU usage (%) for specific processes. Uses regular expressions to specify a process name, process full path, and/or the process current working directory. As above, currently only works for Linux based systems that support procfs (i.e. have a /proc directory). Note: to monitor processes with elevated priviledges requires running the meter as root, which is not recommended.


OS Linux Windows SmartOS OS X
Supported v - - -
Runtime node.js Python Java
Required +

Plugin Setup


Plugin Configuration Fields

Field Name Description
Source The source to display in the legend for the CPU data.
Process Name Regex A regular expression to match the name of the process.
Process Path Regex A regular expression to match the full path of the process.
Process CWD Regex A regular expression to match the current working directory of the process.
Reconcile option How to reconcile in the case that multiple processes match. Set to First Match to use the first matching process, Parent to choose the parent process (useful if process is forked), or Longest Running to pick the process that has been running the longest.

Metrics Collected

Metric Name Description
CPU Process Process specific CPU utilization
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