JavaScript client for the GraphHopper Directions API
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JavaScript client for the Directions API

This project offers JavaScript clients and examples for the GraphHopper Directions API.

Try the live examples here.

Also see how we integrated the Routing and the Geocoding API to build a fully featured maps application called GraphHopper Maps

First step to play with the code is to get this repository:

git clone

Now open index.html in your browser.


Currently all JavaScript clients require jQuery (tested with 2.1.0) and the small file GHUtil.js, both included in this repository.

Currently the Map Matching API needs the togeojson.js, also included.

Integrate the APIs in your application

GraphHopper Routing API

GraphHopper Routing API screenshot

You need the routing client.

There is also a different client developed from the community here.

GraphHopper Route Optimization API

Route Optimization API screenshot

You need the optimization client.

GraphHopper Isochrone API

GraphHopper Isochrone API screenshot

You need the isochrone client

GraphHopper Matrix API

GraphHopper Matrix API screenshot

You need the matrix client.

GraphHopper Geocoding API

GraphHopper Geocoding API screenshot

You need the geocoding client.

GraphHopper Map Matching API

GraphHopper Map Matching API screenshot

You need the map matching client and the togeojson.js


Code stands under Apache License 2.0