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"""Copyright 2009 Chris Davis
Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
You may obtain a copy of the License at
Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
limitations under the License."""
import time
from operator import itemgetter
from random import choice
from collections import defaultdict
from carbon.conf import settings
from carbon import events, log
from carbon.pipeline import Processor
def by_timestamp((timestamp, value)): # useful sort key function
return timestamp
class CacheFeedingProcessor(Processor):
plugin_name = 'write'
def process(self, metric, datapoint):
MetricCache.store(metric, datapoint)
return Processor.NO_OUTPUT
class DrainStrategy(object):
"""Implements the strategy for writing metrics.
The strategy chooses what order (if any) metrics
will be popped from the backing cache"""
def __init__(self, cache):
self.cache = cache
def choose_item(self):
raise NotImplemented
class NaiveStrategy(DrainStrategy):
"""Pop points in an unordered fashion."""
def __init__(self, cache):
super(NaiveStrategy, self).__init__(cache)
def _generate_queue():
while True:
metric_names = self.cache.keys()
while metric_names:
yield metric_names.pop()
self.queue = _generate_queue()
def choose_item(self):
return self.queue.next()
class MaxStrategy(DrainStrategy):
"""Always pop the metric with the greatest number of points stored.
This method leads to less variance in pointsPerUpdate but may mean
that infrequently or irregularly updated metrics may not be written
until shutdown """
def choose_item(self):
metric_name, size = max(self.cache.items(), key=lambda x: len(itemgetter(1)(x)))
return metric_name
class RandomStrategy(DrainStrategy):
"""Pop points randomly"""
def choose_item(self):
return choice(self.cache.keys())
class SortedStrategy(DrainStrategy):
""" The default strategy which prefers metrics with a greater number
of cached points but guarantees every point gets written exactly once during
a loop of the cache """
def __init__(self, cache):
super(SortedStrategy, self).__init__(cache)
def _generate_queue():
while True:
t = time.time()
metric_counts = sorted(self.cache.counts, key=lambda x: x[1])
log.msg("Sorted %d cache queues in %.6f seconds" % (len(metric_counts), time.time() - t))
while metric_counts:
yield itemgetter(0)(metric_counts.pop())
self.queue = _generate_queue()
def choose_item(self):
return self.queue.next()
class _MetricCache(defaultdict):
"""A Singleton dictionary of metric names and lists of their datapoints"""
def __init__(self, strategy=None):
self.size = 0
self.strategy = None
if strategy:
self.strategy = strategy(self)
super(_MetricCache, self).__init__(dict)
def counts(self):
return [(metric, len(datapoints)) for (metric, datapoints) in self.items()]
def is_full(self):
if settings.MAX_CACHE_SIZE == float('inf'):
return False
return self.size >= settings.MAX_CACHE_SIZE
def _check_available_space(self):
if state.cacheTooFull and self.size < settings.CACHE_SIZE_LOW_WATERMARK:
log.msg("MetricCache below watermark: self.size=%d" % self.size)
def drain_metric(self):
"""Returns a metric and it's datapoints in order determined by the
if not self:
return (None, [])
if self.strategy:
metric = self.strategy.choose_item()
# Avoid .keys() as it dumps the whole list
metric = self.iterkeys().next()
return (metric, self.pop(metric))
def get_datapoints(self, metric):
"""Return a list of currently cached datapoints sorted by timestamp"""
return sorted(self.get(metric, {}).items(), key=by_timestamp)
def pop(self, metric):
datapoint_index = defaultdict.pop(self, metric)
self.size -= len(datapoint_index)
return sorted(datapoint_index.items(), key=by_timestamp)
def store(self, metric, datapoint):
timestamp, value = datapoint
if timestamp not in self[metric]:
# Not a duplicate, hence process if cache is not full
if self.is_full:
log.msg("MetricCache is full: self.size=%d" % self.size)
self.size += 1
self[metric][timestamp] = value
# Updating a duplicate does not increase the cache size
self[metric][timestamp] = value
# Initialize a singleton cache instance
write_strategy = None
if settings.CACHE_WRITE_STRATEGY == 'naive':
write_strategy = NaiveStrategy
if settings.CACHE_WRITE_STRATEGY == 'max':
write_strategy = MaxStrategy
if settings.CACHE_WRITE_STRATEGY == 'sorted':
write_strategy = SortedStrategy
if settings.CACHE_WRITE_STRATEGY == 'random':
write_strategy = RandomStrategy
MetricCache = _MetricCache(write_strategy)
# Avoid import circularities
from carbon import state