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for directing users to an external authentication link such as for Remote User authentication
or a backend such as `django_openid_auth <>`_
+Dashboard Authorization Configuration
+These settings control who is allowed to save and delete dashboards. By default anyone
+can perform these actions, but by choosing *just one* of these three settings you can restrict those
+actions further. Users who are not suitably authorized will still be able to use and change
+dashboards, but will not be able to save changes or delete dashboards.
+ `Default: False`
+ If set to True, dashboards can only be saved and deleted by logged in users.
+ `Default: None`
+ If set to the name of a user group, dashboards can only be saved and deleted by logged-in users
+ who are members of this group. Groups can be set in the Django Admin app, or in LDAP.
+ `Default: False`
+ If set to True, dashboards can only be saved or deleted by users having the appropriate
+ (change or delete) permission (as set in the Django Admin app). These permissions can be set at
+ the user or group level. Note that Django's 'add' permission is not used.
Database Configuration
The following configures the Django database settings. Graphite uses the database for storing user

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