Multi archives level retrieval issue #247

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I've bumped with an issue in regarding to the retrieval of the data from Whisper among several archives (periods).

I've tested Whisper with the fetch command and I succeed to retrieve the data as I expected, however when trying to get the same data via the web-app it seems to get the data from the wrong archive somehow...

The following is my retentions configuration for whisper:
retentions = 10s:7d,1m:30d,5m:1y

When I try to retrieve some time frame of 1 hour via the web-app or "fetch" command it works as expected, which means it gets the data from the first archive (10s:7d). However when I try to get another time-frame (around the same time frame from above) of 4 hours it gets the data from the second archive (1m:30d) instead of the first archive and when I use the "fetch" command directly it gets the data from the first archive.

Is this a bug?
Any idea why it happens?
Why I'm encounter with differences while using the "fetch" command or via the web-app?

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