Separate graphlot composer from generic graphlot #94

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this is a work in progress, and made public to gather feedback. not meant for merging yet!

the goal is to separate the current jquery.graphite.js into two parts:
the graphlot code itself for drawing the graph, showing the tooltips, with the legend and zoom support.
the graphlot composer into a separate object, which binds all the UI widgets to the graphlot, so that the graphlot composer functionality from before remains unchanged, but we gain a generic, reusable graphlot object which can be used to draw interactive graphs without all the composing and modification features that the composer has.
cc @luciotorre (original author of jquery.graphite.js)
cc @xkilian who expressed some interest
contributions to this PR are welcome by forking and doing a PR in my repo for this branch

replaces #69

Dieterbe added some commits Aug 13, 2012
@Dieterbe Dieterbe Separate graphlot composer out of generic graphlot library. WIP
this way, there's generic graphite-flot code which can be reused in
various UI's.  the Graphlot composer is functionality the same as
before, but extends upon the generic flot code and builds
the very specific UI.

initial draft.
@Dieterbe Dieterbe reorganize to be nicer and improve code 6ac84c0

I got a bit stuck using this approach. the code is quite complicated and hard to untangle.
so I'm trying an other approach (with much more success): I have a generic jquery plugin that makes it trivial to render graphite charts (supports multiple backends: flot, rickshaw, png's). i'm already using it in my dashboard project (

Graphite Project member

@Dieterbe Will you close this pull request if you think the code is too hairy?


yeah i guess that's the right thing to do.
@luciotorre (original author of jquery.graphite.js) liked the approach and agreed it's a good thing, but neither of us has time to continue with this..
I've however kept working on that project is doing fine..

@Dieterbe Dieterbe closed this May 3, 2013
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