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graphite.composer.views.send_email vulnerable to SSRF

deniszh published GHSA-vfj6-275q-4pvm Oct 24, 2019
graphite-web (pypi)
Affected versions
< 1.1.6
Patched versions
CVE identifier


send_email in graphite-web/webapp/graphite/composer/ in Graphite through 1.1.5 is vulnerable to SSRF. The vulnerable SSRF endpoint can be used by an attacker to have the Graphite web server request any resource. The response to this SSRF request is encoded into an image file and then sent to an e-mail address that can be supplied by the attacker. Thus, an attacker can exfiltrate any information. Email will be send through SMTP server configured in Graphite, by default it's 'localhost'


Problem was patched in Graphite-web 1.1.6. Also patches was released for graphite-web 1.0.x and 0.9.x, and we'll discuss releases of non-supported branches later.


You can manually remove function send_email from file webapp/graphite/composer/ This function are not in use and will not affect your Graphite installation.


For more information check this graphite-web Github issue #2008

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