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More Ram

More Ram is a system-wide malloc replacement which allows you to gain up to an additional 12GB of system RAM.

To use:

$ sysctl -w vm.overcommit_memory=2
$ ./app

How it works

More Ram exploits the video memory using OpenGL to unlock that memory so you can open a couple more tabs in Firefox

Technical description and difficulties

By taking advantage of persistently mapped buffers in OpenGL, we can exploit up to an additional 12GB of memory for system tasks.

There is no guarantee that the persistently mapped buffer technique actually references video memory. The worst case it's shadow memory and this actually wastes memory.

This will work on embedded better than it will on Desktops, where persistently mapped buffers actually do reference video memory. As for desktop, your best bet is a modern NV graphic card or an AMD GPU which supports GL_AMD_pinned_memory.

The logic for using GPU memory is only triggered when malloc/calloc/realloc fail. On systems with overcommit, this will never be the case. To make use of this overcommit must be disabled

Oh yeah, and it's thread safe!


Unfortunately for this to work you need a working X server as a GL context does need to be created

  • SDL2
  • GL 3.3+
  • Working X server

Is this a joke?

Totally a joke but still fun none the less. But it can work.

Why not downloadmoreram ;)