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#ifndef R_STATS_HDR
#define R_STATS_HDR
#include "u_map.h"
namespace r {
struct stat {
stat(const char *name, const char *description);
void incInstances();
void decInstances();
void incVBOMemory(int amount);
void decVBOMemory(int amount);
void incIBOMemory(int amount);
void decIBOMemory(int amount);
void incTextureCount();
void decTextureCount();
void incTextureMemory(int amount);
void decTextureMemory(int amount);
const char *description() const;
const char *name() const;
static void render(size_t x);
static stat *add(const char *name, const char *description);
static stat *get(const char *name);
static void drawHistogram(size_t x, size_t next);
static size_t drawMemoryInfo(size_t x, size_t next);
size_t draw(size_t x, size_t y) const;
size_t space() const;
const char *m_description;
const char *m_name;
size_t m_vboMemory;
size_t m_iboMemory;
size_t m_textureCount;
size_t m_textureMemory;
size_t m_instances;
static u::map<const char *, stat> m_stats;
static u::vector<float> m_histogram;
static u::vector<unsigned char> m_texture;
inline stat::stat()
: m_description(nullptr)
, m_name(nullptr)
, m_vboMemory(0)
, m_iboMemory(0)
, m_textureCount(0)
, m_textureMemory(0)
, m_instances(0)
inline stat::stat(const char *name, const char *description)
: stat()
m_name = name;
m_description = description;
m_instances = 1;
inline void stat::incInstances() {
inline void stat::decInstances() {
if (m_instances)
inline void stat::incVBOMemory(int amount) {
m_vboMemory += amount;
inline void stat::decVBOMemory(int amount) {
m_vboMemory -= amount;
inline void stat::incIBOMemory(int amount) {
m_iboMemory += amount;
inline void stat::decIBOMemory(int amount) {
m_iboMemory -= amount;
inline void stat::incTextureCount() {
inline void stat::decTextureCount() {
if (m_textureCount)
inline void stat::incTextureMemory(int amount) {
m_textureMemory += amount;
inline void stat::decTextureMemory(int amount) {
m_textureMemory -= amount;
inline const char *stat::description() const {
return m_description;
inline const char *stat::name() const {
return m_name;
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