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Pagerank algorithm for graphology.
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Graphology Pagerank Algorithm

Pagerank algorithm for graphology.


npm install graphology-pagerank


import pagerank from 'graphology-pagerank';

// To compute pagerank and return the score per node:
const p = pagerank(graph);

// To directly map the result to nodes' attributes:

// Note that you can also pass options to customize the algorithm:
const p = pagerank(graph, {alpha: 0.9, weighted: false})


  • graph Graph: target graph.
  • options ?object: options:
    • attributes ?object: attributes' names:
      • pagerank ?string [pagerank]: name of the node attribute that will be assigned the pagerank score.
      • weight ?string [weight]: name of the edges' weight attribute.
    • alpha ?number [0.85]: damping parameter of the algorithm.
    • maxIterations ?number [100]: maximum number of iterations to perform.
    • tolerance ?number [1.e-6]: convergence error tolerance.
    • weighted ?boolean [false]: whether to use available weights or not.
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