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Boilerplate for a Basic GraphQL Server

🚀 Bootstrap your GraphQL server within seconds
Basic starter kit for a flexible GraphQL server for Node.js - based on best practices from the GraphQL community.


For a fully-fledged GraphQL & Node.js tutorial, visit How to GraphQL.


You need to have the GraphQL CLI installed to bootstrap your GraphQL server using graphql create:

npm install -g graphql-cli

Getting started

# 1. Bootstrap GraphQL server in directory `my-app`, based on `node-basic` boilerplate
graphql create my-app --boilerplate node-basic

# 2. When prompted, deploy the Prisma service to a _public cluster_

# 3. Navigate to the new project
cd my-app

# 4. Start server (runs on http://localhost:4000)
yarn start



  • yarn start starts GraphQL server on http://localhost:4000
  • yarn prisma <subcommand> gives access to local version of Prisma CLI (e.g. yarn prisma deploy)

Project structure

File name                Description         

└── prisma (directory) Contains all files that are related to the Prisma database service
  ├── prisma.yml The root configuration file for your Prisma database service (docs)
  └── datamodel.graphql Defines your data model (written in GraphQL SDL)
└── src (directory) Contains the source files for your GraphQL server
  ├── index.js The entry point for your GraphQL server
  ├── schema.graphql The application schema that defines the GraphQL API
  └── generated (directory) Contains generated files
    └── prisma-client (directory) The generated Prisma client


The GraphQL boilerplates are maintained by the GraphQL community, with official support from the Apollo & Prisma teams.

Your feedback is very helpful, please share your opinion and thoughts! If you have any questions or want to contribute yourself, join the #graphql-boilerplate channel on our Slack.

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