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namespace GraphQL.Types.Relay
public class ConnectionType<TTo> : ObjectGraphType<object>
where TTo : IGraphType
public ConnectionType()
Name = string.Format("{0}Connection", typeof(TTo).GraphQLName());
Description = string.Format("A connection from an object to a list of objects of type `{0}`.",
"A count of the total number of objects in this connection, ignoring pagination. " +
"This allows a client to fetch the first five objects by passing \"5\" as the argument " +
"to `first`, then fetch the total count so it could display \"5 of 83\", for example. " +
"In cases where we employ infinite scrolling or don't have an exact count of entries, " +
"this field will return `null`.");
.Description("Information to aid in pagination.");
.Description("Information to aid in pagination.");
"A list of all of the objects returned in the connection. This is a convenience field provided " +
"for quickly exploring the API; rather than querying for \"{ edges { node } }\" when no edge data " +
"is needed, this field can be used instead. Note that when clients like Relay need to fetch " +
"the \"cursor\" field on the edge to enable efficient pagination, this shortcut cannot be used, " +
"and the full \"{ edges { node } } \" version should be used instead.");
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