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awesome list of graphql-java related projects
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Awesome graphql-java Awesome

Libraries and projectes related to graphql-java

Inspired by the awesome list thing.


Schema Libraries

Schema First

Code First

  • graphql-java-type-generator: This library will autogenerate GraphQL types for usage in com.graphql-java:graphql-java

  • graphql-java-annotations: Annotations-based syntax for GraphQL schema definition.

  • spring-graphql-common: Spring Framework GraphQL Library

  • graphql-jpa: JPA Implementation of GraphQL (builds on graphql-java)

  • graphkool: GraphQl-java utilities in kotlin

  • schemagen-graphql: GraphQL-Java add-on that adds support for Schema Generation & Execution for enterprise level applications.

  • GraphQL-SPQR: Java 8+ API for rapid development of GraphQL services

  • graphql-emf: Support for EMF models and data

  • Rejoiner: Provides a uniform GraphQL schema on top of gRPC microservices by generating GraphQL types from Protobuf.

  • graphql-kotlin: Code-only GraphQL schema generation for Kotlin

Execution Strategies

  • graphql-rxjava: An execution strategy that makes it easier to use rxjava's Observable

  • graphql-java-reactive: An execution strategy which is based on Reactive Streams. Project is evolving.

Exposing a Schema

Batch Loading




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