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Thanks for contributing to graphql-java!

Please be sure that you read the Code of Conduct before contributing to this project and please create a new Issue and discuss first what your are planing todo for bigger changes.

The overall goal of graphql-java is to have a correct implementation of the GraphQL Spec in a production ready way.

In order to achieve that we have a strong focus on maintainability and high test coverage:

  • We expect new or modified unit test for every change (written in Spock).

  • Your code should should be formatted with our IntelliJ graphql-java-code-style.

  • We don't add a new dependency to graphql-java: dependency conflicts will make adaption of graphql-java harder for users, therefore we avoid adding any new dependency.

  • graphql-java has a strict focus on executing a GraphQL request, this means JSON parsing, http communication, databases access etc is out of scope.

If you have any question please open a Issue.