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A Sequelize integration for Graphene-JS.


For installing Graphene Sequelize, just run this command in your shell

npm install --save graphene-sequelize
# or
yarn add graphene-sequelize


Here is a simple Sequelize model:

import * as Sequelize from "sequelize";

const UserModel = sequelize.define("user", {
  name: Sequelize.STRING,
  lastName: Sequelize.STRING

To create a GraphQL schema for it you simply have to write the following:

import { ObjectType, Field, Schema } from "graphene-js";
import { SequelizeObjectType } from "graphene-sequelize";

@SequelizeObjectType({ model: UserModel })
class User {
  // Fields will be populated automatically from the sequelize
  // model, and we can also add extra fields here.

class Query {
  users() {
    return UserModel.findAll();

schema = new Schema({ query: Query });

Then you can simply query the schema:

const query = `
query {
  users {
result = await schema.execute(query)

To learn more check out the following examples:


After developing, the full test suite can be evaluated by running:

yarn test --coverage


The documentation is generated using the excellent Sphinx and a custom theme.

The documentation dependencies are installed by running:

cd docs
pip install -r requirements.txt

Then to produce a HTML version of the documentation:

make html