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GraphQL Python Roadmap

In order to move Graphene and the GraphQL Python ecosystem forward it's essential to be clear with the community on next steps, so we can move uniformly.

👋 If you have more ideas on how to move the Graphene ecosystem forward, don't hesistate to open a PR


  • Continue to support v2.x with security releases
  • Last major/feature release is cut and graphene-* libraries should pin to that version number


New features will only be developed on version 3 of ecosystem libraries.


Targeted as v3 of graphql-core, Python 3 only


  • Integrate with the core-next API and resolve all breaking changes
  • GraphQL types from type annotations - See issue
  • Add support for coroutines in Connection, Mutation (abstracting out Promise requirement) - See PR


  • Integrate with the graphene core-next API and resolve all breaking changes


  • Integrate with the graphql core-next API and resolve all breaking changes

Ongoing Initiatives

  • Improve documentation, especially for new users to the library
  • Recipes for “quick start” that people can ideally use/run

Dependent Libraries

Repo Release Manager CODEOWNERS Pinned next/master created Labels Standardized
graphene ekampf
graphql-core Cito N/A N/A
graphql-core-next Cito N/A N/A
graphql-server-core Cito
gql ekampf
gql-next ekampf N/A N/A
...django mvanlonden
...sanic ekampf
...tornado ewhauser PR created Cito/dfee
...gae ekampf PR created
...sqlalchemy jnak/Nabell
...relay-py Cito
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