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mvanlonden Graphene v3 following v3 graphql-core (#1048)
* v3.0 - remove Python 2.x from build (#983)

* Change travis to only compile for p3.6+

* Changed tox to only run Python 3.6+

* Changed library classifiers to reflect support in Python 3.6+

* Changed version to 3.0.0 development

In [15]: get_version((3, 0, 0, "alpha", 0))
Out[15]: '3.0.dev20190601212304'

* Reorganize Tests (#985)

We no longer need a dedicated folder for Python3.6+ tests
We no longer need to check six.PY3 in tests

* Upgrade black to 19.3b0 (#987)

* Remove six dependency (#986)

* No one is using func_name

* Remove six simple usages

* Remove six requirement

* Remove `six.with_metaclass` calls

* pytest-asyncio should be a regular dependency now with Py3 move

* Change dependency to graphql-core-next (#988)

* Changed dependencies to core-next

* Converted Scalars

* ResolveInfo name change

* Ignore .venv

* Make Schema compatible with GraphQL-core-next

* Ignore more venv names and mypy and pytest caches

* Remove print statements for debugging in schema test

* core-next now provides out_type and out_name

* Adapt date and time scalar types to core-next

* Ignore the non-standard result.invalid flag

* Results are named tuples in core-next (immutable)

* Enum values are returned as dict in core-next

* Fix mutation tests with promises

* Make all 345 tests pass with graphql-core-next

* Remove the compat module which was only needed for older Py version

* Remove object as base class (not needed in Py 3)

* We can assume that dicts are ordered in Py 3.6+

* Make use of the fact that dicts are iterable

* Use consistent style of importing from pytest

* Restore compatibility with graphql-relay-py v3

Add adpaters for the PageInfo and Connection args.

* Avoid various deprecation warnings

* Use graphql-core 3 instead of graphql-core-next

* Update dependencies, reformat changes with black

* Update graphene/relay/

Co-Authored-By: Jonathan Kim <>

* Run black on

* Remove trailing whitespace
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