GraphQL Starwars API using Graphene and Django
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GraphQL SWAPI using Graphene

This is a integration example of Graphene in Django. View demo


All the models and fixtures are based in the original swapi project.

The schema (where all the magic happens) is in starwars/

Look ma, a GraphQL integration with Django models in less than 150 LOC!

Deploying locally

You can also have your own GraphQL Starwars example running on locally. Just run the following commands and you'll be all set!

git clone
cd swapi-graphene

# Install the requirements
pip install -r requirements_base.txt

# Collect static data
python collectstatic

# Setup the db and load the fixtures
python migrate

Once you have everything done, just run:

python runserver

Open your browser and visit localhost:8080 et voilá!

Deploying on Heroku

To get your own GraphQL Starwars example running on Heroku, click the button below:


Fill out the form, and you should be cooking with gas in a few seconds.