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GraphQL mode and helpers for CodeMirror.
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GraphQL mode for CodeMirror

Build Status

Provides CodeMirror with a parser mode for GraphQL along with a live linter and typeahead hinter powered by your GraphQL Schema.

Getting Started

npm install --save codemirror-graphql

CodeMirror helpers install themselves to the global CodeMirror when they are imported.

import CodeMirror from 'codemirror';
import 'codemirror/addon/hint/show-hint';
import 'codemirror/addon/lint/lint';
import 'codemirror-graphql/hint';
import 'codemirror-graphql/lint';
import 'codemirror-graphql/mode';

CodeMirror.fromTextArea(myTextarea, {
  mode: 'graphql',
  lint: {
    schema: myGraphQLSchema
  hintOptions: {
    schema: myGraphQLSchema

Build for the web with webpack or browserify.

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