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Contributing to GraphiQL

We want to make contributing to this project as easy and transparent as possible. Hopefully this document makes the process for contributing clear and answers any questions you may have. If not, feel free to open an Issue.


We use GitHub issues to track public bugs and requests. Please ensure your bug description is clear and has sufficient instructions to be able to reproduce the issue. The best way is to provide a reduced test case on jsFiddle or jsBin.

Facebook has a bounty program for the safe disclosure of security bugs. In those cases, please go through the process outlined on that page and do not file a public issue.

Pull Requests

All active development of GraphiQL happens on GitHub. We actively welcome your pull requests.

Considered Changes

Since GraphiQL is used both internally at Facebook and by a broad group externally, changes which are of obvious benefit are prioritized and changes which are specific to only some usage of GraphiQL should first consider if they may use the existing customization hooks or if they should expose a new customization hook.

Contributor License Agreement ("CLA")

In order to accept your pull request, we need you to submit a CLA. You only need to do this once to work on any of Facebook's open source projects.

Complete your CLA here:

Getting Started

  1. Fork this repo by using the "Fork" button in the upper-right

  2. Check out your fork

    git clone
  3. Install or Update all dependencies

    npm install
  4. Get coding! If you've added code, add tests. If you've changed APIs, update any relevant documentation or tests. Ensure your work is committed within a feature branch.

  5. Ensure all tests pass

    npm test

Release on NPM

Only core contributors may release to NPM.

To release a new version on NPM, first ensure you're on the master branch and have recently run git pull and that all tests pass with npm test. Use npm version patch|minor|major in order to increment the version in package.json and tag and commit a release. Then git push --follow-tags this change so Travis CI can deploy to NPM. Do not run npm publish directly. Once published, add release notes. Use semver to determine which version part to increment.

Example for a patch release:

npm version patch
git push --follow-tags


By contributing to GraphiQL, you agree that your contributions will be licensed under the LICENSE file in the project root directory.