@leebyron leebyron released this May 10, 2016 · 1090 commits to master since this release

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This version introduces directives to the (still experimental) schema language and introduces a @deprecated directive for marking deprecated fields. It also improves validation error messages, thanks to @yuzhi and @robzhu.


  • Schema Language Directives (#376, #382)
  • New @deprecated directive (#384)
  • Directive constructor and built-ins are now exported from the main module (#381)
  • Introspection types are now exported from the main module (71b6a4a)
  • Validation: improving overlapping fields quality, may detect new issues (#386)
  • Improve validation error message when field names conflict (#363)
  • Include possible names when validation fails (#355)
  • Error logging for new interface type semantics (#350)


  • Deepen introspection query from 3 levels to 7 (#364)
  • Printer now correct prints empty block lists (ea5b241)
  • Ensure buildASTSchema does not exclude @skip and @include (#380)