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Localisations #2

cortig opened this Issue Jan 21, 2014 · 10 comments

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cortig commented Jan 21, 2014

(Following up on a Twitter message now that I found the GitHub project page)

The current build of GraphSketcher doesn't have any resources for languages other than English.

Now…the current build is localizable (editable .nib, yeah!!), so I took the opportunity to work on an update for the old French localization.
All .strings and .nib are now ready, but the HTML files are not done yet.
There is also a PDF file with a list of shortcut. I can't currently localize it without having the source document that has been used to generate it.

Now… I'm not too familiar with GitHub, and especially when it comes to committing a localization.
Any suggestion?

correia commented Jan 28, 2014

Moved from issue #5.

Longer term, the project may want to move to use Base Localization + .strings files instead of a nib/xib per localization. The latter can end up causing maintenance burden, because updating the English nib has potential for breaking all other localizations (rather than just causing missing localized strings in those localizations.) I don't have the spare cycles to take this task on immediately.

The traditional way to contribute to a project is to fork the project, commit the changes to your fork, and issue a pull request. This would be probably substantially easier for you if the files which required localizing already existed in the source tree.

cortig commented Jan 29, 2014

I understand the concern over breaking updates when the .nib are touched.
It doesn't affect me all that much anyway since I manage updates to my localizations through iLocalize. Updated .nib are flagged and rebuilt automatically and updating them is easy.

Auto-layout definitively takes care of these sorts of issues though (but is there anyone here devoted to spend the time and effort to rewrite all the .nib to support auto-layout??). In the meanwhile, as far as I am concerned, as long as the .nib are not compiled, I'm OK 9and the same applies to the other free OmniApps that I can't update anymore for the very same reason).
I'll try to investigate how to fork the project. I've never played much with github and never had to manage anything through Xcode (since I was using iLocalize), so it might take me a little while to figure everything out…

Thanks for letting me know though,

cortig commented Jan 29, 2014

Oh, and the French resources used to exist for OmniGraphSketcher, but they haven't been integrated for the past couple of updates and are definitively not in the current GraphSketcher built… So I'll probably have to take care about adding it all from scratch at this point.

cortig commented Jan 29, 2014

I downloaded the sources to see what I could do from there and Xcode gave me a countless number of warnings about missing ressources. I'll keep on playing with it though.

The sad thing is that I can generate a completely localized build in less than a minute with iLocalize :-(

cortig commented Jan 30, 2014

Well, I got the sources, figured out how to add French localizations for all projects in Xcode, manually replaced all the files with the strings and xib I generated and it was excruciating… I can't imagine many localizers who will want to go through the same process.

Once done, since I don't have a paid Developer account, I can't even build the app (which requires code signing) so I can't check the result.

I looked at how to properly fork the project and upload my modifications, and so far, all my attempts failed miserably…

I'll take me much longer to commit the localization than it actually took me to update the previous localization. With iLocalize, generating a localized build would take me a mere few seconds versus this multi-hour process :-\

Not sure when I'll succeed to add it all in GraphSketcher in GitHub :-<


Anzumana commented Feb 5, 2014

i have an developer account if you commit your changes to your fork of the project. I could download that fork to see if your changes work.
After that we should probably get those changes onto a separate localization branch of the project so that when we are done figuring out how we want to handle localizations we would only have to merge the branches into the main one to add the feature of localization.

cortig commented Feb 18, 2014

Anzumana I haven't forgotten your offer and I do appreciate it. Right now, I'm having issues even uploading the project with localizations to github :-\


if there is something i can do to help you out let me know


I could offer German localization. If you need, let me know.

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