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An interconnection project between Gephi and GraphStream based on the Graph Streaming API. This project is distributed under MIT license within a LICENSE file in it.


Follow the steps to install this project.

1) Fork and checkout the latest version of this repository:

git clone

2) build the project use Maven:

cd gs-gephi
mvn install

3) generate eclipse project files:

mvn eclipse:eclipse

4) go to Eclipse and select "import" in the file menu. Choose "Existing projects into workspace" and select your project directory.

5) Once your workspace in configured using the previous command, you can directly add a maven artifact in the build path of your eclipse project. First, right-click on your eclipse project and go the build path configuration. Then click on "Add Variable" in the "Librairies" tab.Select the "M2_REPO" variable and click on "Extend". Final step is to select the artifact you want to use.

You can check the manual to see the detailed discription and tutorials showing how to use it.

Ongoing work...