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gs is a NetLogo extension connecting NetLogo to other applications supporting the NetStream protocol, such as GraphStream-based applications. NetLogo agents can use its primitives to send graph events. By receiving and processing these events, the external application can maintain and analyze a dynamic graph view of a NetLogo simulation. The nodes of this graph correspond to the turtles and its edges are the links between them. The agents can also receive graph events from external applications and use them to take their decisions.


This extension works with NetLogo version 5.0. You can build gs.jar from this repository. It must contain the classes in the src/ folder and the manifest included in this project (maven coming soon). Alternatively, you can download a pre-build gs.jar here.

The extension depends on GraphStream's gs-core.jar. You can download the last version here.

What you can find here

  • User guide with complete specifications of all the primitives provided by this extension.
  • A quick-start Hands on example showing how to stream graph events from NetLogo and how to receive them in external application.
  • Comprehensive example showing all the features of this extension. It develops step by step a NetLogo model and external GraphStream based application with bi-directional communication and synchronization. Please read the previous two items before attacking this one.

Additional resources


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