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Caretaker Smart Home Server Devices

Caretaker is a DIY smart home project. The aim is to create a totally wireless and scaleable system to control power switches (lamps and other electrical appliances) and measure values like temperatures, brightness and power consumption. All devices should be controllable through local devices as well as mobile devices over the internet. The goal is to use WiFly WLAN modules in every device. This allows for a bi-directional communication between all devices, so besides controlling a device it can itself send asynchronous status update messages, i.e. pressing a physical button on a dimmer to switch a lamp on, will also update a button in a remote control application, eliminating the need for periodically polling the device status

This project contains the firmware and Eagle PCB schematics and layouts for the various Caretaker devices.


The firmare source code is licensed under the MIT license. The hardware is licensed under the CERN Open Hardware Licence v1.2.

Third Party Libraries

The following Arduino libraries are included into this project:


Caretaker is a DIY smart home project




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