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A chrome extension that renders links to issues based on issue status.
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This extension will render unformatted links to issues to clearly indicate node id, title, and issue status. This closely mimic's's own rendering of links to issues, bringing the same formatting to ANY website.

Specifically, the extension will render links where both the anchor contents and href point to a issue.

For example. would become "#1308152: Add stream wrappers to access extension files" and would be colored appropriately.

You can find and install this extension in the Chrome Web Store.

You may file issues and contribute to this extension on GitHub.

Etymology of "Drupal Issue Chrome"


  1. noun. in computing, the "windows decorations" around the contents of a window. For example, the border, scrollbar, and title.
  2. noun. features added to something to make it nicer, but which don't affect the core functionality.
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