A Software for the Analysis and Mapping of Environmental Space-Time Variables
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% D-STEM - Distributed Space Time Expecation Maximization              %
%                                                                      %
% Author: Francesco Finazzi                                            %
% E-mail: francesco.finazzi@unibg.it                                   %
% Affiliation: University of Bergamo                                   %
%              Dept. of Management, Economics and Quantitative Methods %
% Author website: http://www.unibg.it/pers/?francesco.finazzi          %
% Code website: https://code.google.com/p/d-stem/                      %

Please follow these steps to reproduce the case studies of the JSS paper "D-STEM: A Software for the Analysis and Mapping of Environmental Space-Time Variables":

1) Demo and Src folders must be located in the same folder.
2) Open MATLAB;
2) Open and run the script dstem_demo.m in the Demo folder;
3) Choose an option from the menu.

Please note that:

a) The following MATLAB toolboxes are required:
   - Statistics Toolbox
   - Optimization Toolbox
   - Mapping Toolbox

b) The Mapping Toolbox is only required for plotting maps while it is not requires for model estimation.

c) The code has been developed and tested on MATLAB 7.11.0 (R2010b) but it should also work with older (down to R2009a) and newer versions.

d) In order to run properly, the case studies should run on machines with at least 1 GB of RAM.