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Advent of Code 2017

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Contains my personal solutions to Advent of code problems.

Advent of code is hosted on


This projects assumes having inputs named input/dayXY at the root, where X is the number of the day and Y is the letter of the problem for the day. Example : input/day03b

To run the app, you need to have Python 3 installed Simply run python, then input the desired problem number when asked

Example :

10:47 - grasseh:~/adventofcode-2017 (master) - python3
Welcome to Grasseh's 2017 Advent of Code
Enter your problem number
The solution to problem 00a is : 21
Execution complete in     0.0186 ms

Unit tests

Tests are written in the solver files. They can be run using

python3 -m unittest discover -s solvers -p '*.py'


bash tests


Each problem has been ran 1000 times. The average can be found in this file

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