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BDD Framework to sweetly display software test results from Markdown files.
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BDD Framework to sweetly display software test results from Markdown files.



Dependency Version
NodeJS ^10.15
argparse ^1.0.10
cosmiconfig ^5.1.0
eslint ^5.12.0
handlebars ^4.1.0
husky ^1.3.1
mocha ^5.2.0
nyc ^13.3.0
showdown ^1.9.0
sinon ^7.2.2

Getting started


  • Make sure you have the latest version of NodeJS and NPM
  • npm install git+ --save-dev
  • Make a directory in your project for your Markdown files and the outputs
  • Add a .pferc file to the root of your project similar to the following :
    "outputPath" : "/path/to/markdown/output",
    "basePath" : "/path/to/markdown"
  • To use it with npm easily : add the framework to your scripts in package.json with something like this :
"scripts": {
    "bdd" : "taffee -c .pfrec"
  • Make your test cases in the directory specified in the config


Example 1


# Saying hello world!
Our project rocks and needs to output Hello world!

## Example
When the project function is called then we see the output [Hello World](t:Test.testHelloWorld()).


If you wish to contribute please read the following guide:

  1. Clone this repository
  2. Run npm install at the root of the repo.
  3. Create a feature branch for your feature, or a fork.
  4. Code your feature
  5. Write tests for your feature
  6. Run tests with npm test
  7. Make sure your style is fine with npm run eslint
  8. Commit your changes
  9. Make a pull-request on the repo
  10. Ask a reviewer to validate your pull-request
  11. Be collaborative and respectful =)


The code is released under MIT license and its dependencies have their own licensing. For more informations, please consult their website.

Original contributors (Les Chevaliers de Coallier):

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