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Just some playground...nothing to see here. :-)

##current/common/weird/cool features of (online) newspapers:

  • content a. k. a. news :-D
  • feeds (RSS/ATOM, per section, article comments etc.)
  • videos, photos and galleries of those, rollovers/slideshows
  • podcasts, reviews
  • other editions (or output formats) like pdf, epub, txt, mobi, html, mp3
  • listen to news/articles
  • community features ** registration/login ** user chat ** user generated content (comments (with counts), reviews, forums, articles, photos, videos, votes, questions) ** reporter blogs (with comments) ** social bookmarking, share buttons and related stuff ** community calendar ** local weather, localised content
  • tags, categorizations, categorisation by geolocation
  • caricatures, cartoons, comics
  • teasers and lists ** most popular ** recent ** featured articles ** lead stories ** excerpts with thumbnails
  • SMS alerts
  • social media integration like widgets, voting buttons, cross posting articles etc.
  • ads (interstitial, contextual, within feeds, in galleries, videos etc.) ** header and sidebar banners etc.
  • paywalls
  • archive
  • job boards with recent postings
  • navigation ** top navigation ** categories
  • layout and design ** usually grids, most of the time not responsive, mobile as extra sites, extra apps for mobile devices ** color scheme, typography, white space...
  • data visualization and infographics, information graphics and photojournalism

##Some sites

##Some website specials


etc. pp.

##Bonus material