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Opensource drivers for NVIDIA Tegra20/30/114, join #tegra to discuss

Popular repositories

  1. grate Public

    Open source Tegra2+ 2D/3D user-space developer tools

    C 81 18

  2. libdrm Public

    libdrm fork for open-source NVIDIA Tegra driver

    C 63 50

  3. linux Public

    Linux kernel with experimental patches for Tegra

    C 51 39

  4. mesa Public

    Mesa fork for open-source NVIDIA Tegra20/30 GL implementation

    C 31 13

  5. Forked from digetx/libvdpau-tegra

    VDPAU backend driver for NVIDIA Tegra 20/30/114 SoCs

    C 13 2

  6. X.Org video driver for NVIDIA Tegra

    C 10 6


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