Grate: Open source Tegra2+ 2D/3D user-space
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Latest commit b30e055 Sep 24, 2017 @kusma kusma Merge pull request #55 from digetx/3d-init-correction
libhost1x: correct 3d initialization
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data tests/grate: add texture-filter test Apr 4, 2017
include libhost1x: support BO import / export Aug 5, 2017
shaders shaders: fixup inputs for min/max Feb 14, 2017
src libhost1x: correct 3d initialization Sep 20, 2017
tests tests/gles1: fix compilation with newer mesa Aug 31, 2017
tools add meson build system Jul 27, 2017
.gitignore add .pc file for libgrate Apr 8, 2017
COPYING install and relevant headers Apr 7, 2017 Create Jun 20, 2017 Remove --enable-maintainer-mode Feb 12, 2013 add .pc file for libgrate Apr 8, 2017 meson: fix librnn-support Aug 30, 2017


Grate is an anagram of "tegra", actually it is a collection of open source reverse-engineering tools aiming at the NVIDIA Tegra2+ 3D engine.