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Welcome! This is the documentation for programmers working on (not to be confused with programmers working with Gratipay's web API).

DB Schema


is_suspicious on a participant can be None (unknown), True (blacklisted) or False (whitelisted)

  • whitelisted can transfer money out of gratipay
  • unknown can move money within gratipay
  • blacklisted cannot do anything


  • transfers

Used under Gratipay 1.0, when users were allowed to tip each other (without having to setup a team). transfers models money moving within Gratipay, from one participant (tipper) to another (tippee).

  • payments

The replacement for transfers, used in Gratipay 2.0. payments are between a Team and a Participant, in either direction (to-team, or to-participant)

  • exchanges

Records money moving into and out of Gratipay. Every exchange is linked to a participant. The amount column shows a positive amount for money flowing into gratipay (payins), and a negative amount for money flowing out of Gratipay (payouts). The fee column is always positive. For both payins and payouts, the amount does not include the fee (e.g., a $10 payin would result in an amount of 9.41 and a fee of 0.59, and a $100 payout with a 2% fee would result in an amount of -98.04 and a fee of 1.96).


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    gratipay Python library <gratipay>