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whit537 commented Jan 15, 2014 edited

@zwn brought up to me in person during the retreat a concern about the long tail on our Gittip team roster. How much money is going to people who have drifted away from Gittip? Is it time for another round of readjusting?

Update 2016-07-13: Dug up this screenshot over under gratipay/ (comment):


whit537 commented Jan 15, 2014

Here's everyone over 0.01 that I would consider to have drifted away:

 2.00 jeromegn
 1.00 cakey
 1.00 evbogue
 1.00 gwenbell
 1.00 jeresig
 1.00 buttscicles
 1.00 lyndsysimon
 1.00 wilkie
 0.50 shurcooL
 0.10 sigmavirus24
 0.10 nicksergeant
 0.50 tehgeekmeister
 0.10 artagnon
 4.00 strand
14.30 TOTAL

I think the proposal on the table is to reset those folks to 0.01, after some sort of notice. What's the notice? One ping here + one tweet if possible?

whit537 commented Jan 15, 2014

14.30 is 5% of our current estimated receiving, 287.16.


I'm voting for just removing inactive team members, you can always come back but you're not really active on the team.


@clone1018 but it's rather passive aggressive to silently remove them. We should go through the trouble of contacting them

sim6 commented Jan 19, 2014

I think that maybe we need a second list to credit people who contributed in the past.

sim6 commented Jan 22, 2014

@Changaco Maybe the problem is those contributors who are not code contributors.

whit537 commented Apr 16, 2014 edited

I went ahead and pruned the roster today. IRC

I announced as much on Twitter but didn't contact everyone personally.

Update 2016-04-27—Filing these here:

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