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alias bc='bc -l'
alias hexdump="hexdump -C"
alias less="less -i -m -X"
alias ls='ls -FG'
alias sdate="date '+%Y.%m.%d'"
alias ssdate="date '+%Y%m%d'"
alias stime="date '+%s'"
which when > /dev/null && alias when='when --monday_first --noampm'
which mathomatic > /dev/null && alias mathomatic='mathomatic -b'
which scilab > /dev/null && alias scilab='scilab -nwni -nb'
alias rv='vim --remote-silent'
alias svim='vim --servername VIM'
mail -e && echo "You got mail"
# Read system messages
msgs -f
# Allow terminal messages
#mesg y
eval `"$WMSCRIPTS_DIR/" start all`
USER=`id -un`
[ $(whoami) != root ] && PS1="$(hostname -s) $ " || PS1="root@$(hostname -s) # "
# vim: set ft=sh:
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