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Move parts of config that I don't use anymore to deprecated directory.

Update README and add code to popup welcome message unless ~/.fvwm/.nomsg exist

branch : devel
rename : bin/ => deprecated/bin/
rename : bin/ => deprecated/bin/
rename : bin/ => deprecated/bin/
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1 parent 4cf9ddb commit cd402fca8098e87cbe44d00a74d3097997f9b8e9 Aldis Berjoza committed Aug 24, 2011
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-This fvwm config is written by Aldis Berjoza (killasmurf86)
+This fvwm config is written by Aldis Berjoza
You need to download wmscripts from
-More info
+and setup WMSCRIPTS_DIR environment variable, if you haven't done so.
+More info:
-Here are commands you need to add to your ~/.xinitrc in order to use my fvwm config:
+Note in this config you don't have a menu. Instead many shortcuts and dmenu.
+To start terminal press WINKEY+X. It will open terminal defined by UTERM
+environment variable if UTERM isn't defined then xterm will be opened
- $HOME/.fvwm/
- exec fvwm
+To start dmenu press WINKEY+SHIFT+X will rebuild fvwm config when nessacery (when cached config checksum doesn't match MD5 sum)
+To restart Fvwm press WINKEY+END
+To hide this message add .nomsg file in your FVWM_USERDIR
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