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setlocal path+=/usr/include/,/usr/local/include/,./include/
nmap <F1> <ESC>:Man 3 <C-R>=expand("<cword>")<CR><CR>
if has("cscope")
let cscope_path = ProgrPath(['cscope'])
if cscope_path != ''
let &csprg = cscope_path
setlocal ts=4
setlocal sw=4
setlocal noexpandtab
setlocal csto=0
setlocal cst
setlocal nocsverb
if filereadable("cscope.out")
cs add cscope.out
elseif filereadable(".cscope.out")
cs add .cscope.out
setlocal csverb
" Find this C symbol
nmap <C-_>s :cs find s <C-R>=expand("<cword>")<CR><CR>
" Find this definition
nmap <C-_>g :cs find g <C-R>=expand("<cword>")<CR><CR>
" Find functions called by this function
nmap <C-_>d :cs find d <C-R>=expand("<cword>")<CR><CR>
" Find functions calling this function
nmap <C-_>c :cs find c <C-R>=expand("<cword>")<CR><CR>
" Find this text string
nmap <C-_>t :cs find t <C-R>=expand("<cword>")<CR><CR>
" Find this egrep pattern
nmap <C-_>e :cs find e <C-R>=expand("<cword>")<CR><CR>
" Find this file
nmap <C-_>f :cs find f <C-R>=expand("<cfile>")<CR><CR>
" Find this file
nmap <C-_>i :cs find i ^<C-R>=expand("<cfile>")<CR>$<CR>
if whoami != 'root'
call LoadIfNeeded(['a'])
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