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Add map to open folder of current file in rox

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1 parent 9b3f8bd commit a9f73df6b097e671cf4899b1480600a2a77760cf @graudeejs committed Nov 19, 2012
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3 vimrc
@@ -674,7 +674,8 @@ if whoami != 'root'
" F10
nmap <F11> <ESC>:set number!<CR>
-nmap <F12> <ESC>:set relativenumber!<CR>
+nmap <F11>r <ESC>:set relativenumber!<CR>
+nmap <F12> <ESC>:silent !rox -s %<CR>
if whoami != 'root'
if filereadable(project_file_name)

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