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bsfirc is a lightweight, line-based and very portable IRC client, originally written by Claudio Leite. In 2005 I took his (never officially released) bsfirc code out of the CVS repository for bsflite and started improving it, making it my IRC client of choice.

These days I rarely go on IRC, but when I do, I use bsfirc.

It's controlled with this set of one-character commands:

j<chan>        : join <chan>
p<chan>        : leave <chan>
m<rec> <msg>   : send <msg> to <rec> (channel or user)
c<msg>         : reply to last channel message
'<msg>         : same as c
[TAB]<msg>     : reply to last private message
r<msg>         : reply to last message
w              : show who is in the channel
i<nick>        : whois <nick>
W              : show your nickname and server
t<msg>         : set topic on current channel
a<msg>         : set away message
o<nick>        : op <nick> on current channel
n<nick>        : change your nick to <nick>
q!             : quit
h              : show this command list


bsfirc uses the 3-clause "modified BSD" license. I've dedicated my own changes (most of which are pretty small) to the public domain.