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Pots, fyi

Pots, fyi will be a music streaming app intended to run on a personal server.

Current status

It's a little ugly, and it's missing some obvious features. But it can already search your collection, show cover art, queue up tracks or albums to play in sequence, and transcode tracks from formats your browser doesn't natively support.

All recent-ish versions of Firefox and Chrome work great with it.


Server side

Client side

Pots, fyi uses Browserify to bundle together its client-side dependencies (JQuery, Backbone, Underscore and Handlebars). This requires npm version >= 0.8.0.

Quick start

Install LibAV's avconv. On Ubuntu/Debian:

sudo apt-get install libav-tools

Make sure you have pip, virtualenv and npm. Then:

git clone
cd potsfyi
virtualenv venv
. venv/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.pip
ln -s /some/dir/that/has/music/in/it static/music
./ createdb

Your server is now ready to go. To build client-side scripts:

(cd script && npm install)

Finally, to start a debug server on http://localhost:5000:

DEBUG=True ./

To search, just start typing. To queue, click on a search result. To play, click on a song in the play queue (on the right).

Running it for real

To start a "production" server, you'll want to leave off the DEBUG=True and pass at least 2 more environment variables:

SECRET_KEY="some long random string"

The secret key keeps cookies secure, and the email you supply is the only one allowed to log in (via Mozilla Persona, aka BrowserID). You can also supply:

  • PORT: port number to listen on, default 5000
  • DB_URI: database to connect to, default sqlite:///tracks.db
  • MUSIC_DIR: where the music lives, default static/music

Flask's default web server only processes one request at a time, which can result in the rest of the webapp locking up while songs download. You can fix this by running the app via gunicorn rather than directly. Install gunicorn via pip, then do something like:

SECRET_KEY="..." \
  gunicorn -w 4 --timeout 10000 -b potsfyi:app \
  >guni.log 2>&1

This spawns 4 worker processes, listens on port 8000, saves output to guni.log, and sets a long timeout so that worker processes don't timeout and get shut down while sending audio. (You can partially work around the timeout issue by proxying your /static/ directory through nginx, but transcoded audio files will still go through Python.)

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